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contact with the turf long before striking the ball. A big mistake. Flier: Situation in which grass comes between the ball and the clubface at impact. This often happens in the rough (the taller grass adjoining the fairway). The grass blades prevent the grooves in the club from getting on the ball, and there is little, if any, spin on the shot. As a result, the shot goes farther than usual and with less control. You might hear commentators talk about a "flier lie," which means the ball is sitting in a position where a "flier" shot is likely to occur. Green in regulation: To get on a green in the number of strokes required for a two putt par. For a par 4 hole, this means getting on the green in two strokes. Grounding a club: In bunkers and other hazards, the golfer isn’t allowed to have his club touch the ground until the actual swing. Hook: For the right handed golfer, a shot that veers significantly right to left. Often a mistake unless planned. Lag putt: A long distance putt. The realistic

helicopter help track men after robbery near Northgate Seattle police arrested four people after a robbery and attack at the Northgate Transit Center late Thursday night. Two victims and four witnesses were approached
Wholesale jerseys by a group of six men. After threats were made, one of the men pulled a knife and attempted to steal a victim phone and wallet, according to a news release from the Seattle Police Department. Another allegedly hit a victim in the face. The victims and witnesses ran away and were followed by the suspects, police said. Employees from a nearby business called 911 after hearing the commotion. Officers arrived at the scene and tracked the men with a K 9 team. Guardian One, the King County Sheriff Department helicopter, was able to track four men to a nearby residential area, where they were arrested without incident in the 100 block of Northeast 95th Street, police said. The victims were able to positively identify one man as the main suspect, and he was later booked into the Youth Services Center, police said. Two others were booked into YSC and the King County Jail. A fourth person was identified and released from the precinct with charges requested, police said.

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Articles Connexes:

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